Men's Health Word Chart

By Dr John Barnett

With Father’s Day around this corner Acupuncture is something that everyone should consider. If you really want to take care of a father in your life who is always caring for others then get him to an Acupuncturist! Here are the top 4 reasons why they need it.

1) To get rid of Stress.  Acupuncture is like massage, but for the INSIDE of your body.  Most people who have never tried it are surprised at how relaxing Acupuncture treatments are.  Many of our patients look forward to treatments at Orlando Acupuncture as their favorite part of their day or week.  Acupuncture has been shown to reduce stress chemicals like cortisol not only right after treatment, but it also reduces how much is made when we are exposed to stress for days after acupuncture.

Stress is responsible for about 70 % of all illnesses and doctor’s visits, so forget the apple, and try some Acupuncture!

2) Helps with weight loss. Acupuncture alone will not drop the pounds, but studies have shown that when done along with diet and exercise, patients getting acupuncture treatments lose weight about twice as fast.  Acupuncture can also help with various aches and pains that may be limiting the father in your life from doing exercise as much or as regularly as he should.

3) If you were in a pain in your Father’s backside for years, help him to get rid of his current pain in the back!  Acupuncture provides effective relief from many pain conditions.  Pains like Headaches, Back pain, and Neck & Shoulder pain, get serious relief with Acupuncture. Acupuncture is now the “go to” first option for pain relief according to the American College of Physicians. This was made official in their 2017 standard treatment guidelines. For most patients at Orlando Acupuncture, pain relief begins on the very fist acupuncture treatment.

4) Men, Stop Ignoring the problem!   June is Men’s health month, and most Dads like going to the doctor about as much as we like changing diapers. Chinese Medicine has thorough, non-invasive diagnostic methods to determine the root cause of many common Men’s Health concerns, such as digestive, urinary, and cardiovascular symptoms.

Acupuncture improves sleep, can increase energy, reduce anxiety… the list goes on and on. So if you have a father in your life who you really love, get him to an Acupuncturist. He will thank you for it!

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