O3 Regenerative Therapy®

Your body has the ability to heal itself

What is O3 Regenerative Therapy®?

O3 Regenerative Therapy® mixes gas naturally found in Earth’s atmosphere with oxygen to create a therapy with powerful healing. O3 therapy has been has been used by for more than 150 years with benefits shown for autoimmune diseases and many other health issues.

Your body has the ability to heal itself, sometimes it just needs a push in the right direction.

An initial consultation with Dr. Barnett is required to find out if you are a candidate for O3 Regenerative Therapy®. If O3 Regenerative Therapy® is indicated, we can perform your first procedure the same day.

Research & Data

The many benefits of O3 Therapy found in clinical studies

Prevention of infections & a boosted immune system
Antibacterial, antifungal, & antiviral abilities
Reduce damage to brain tissue after a stroke
Detoxify impurities
Wound healing
Pain relief
Stem cell activation & repair
Oxygenation of cells
Skin rejuvenation
Improved joint mobility

What to expect

Treatment Course

For most conditions, we prescribe 5-10 therapies done over 1-3 months. Some may need less, some more. This will be determined at your consultation.


Once you are being treated, Dr. Barnett will analyze how your body is responding, and will then be able to give you an accurate estimate of what you can expect from further treatments.

The Process

The O3 Regenerative Therapy® is repeated every 1-2 weeks until maximum improvement is achieved.

Absence Of Symptoms

O3 Regenerative Therapy® can and often results in a complete absence of symptoms, even in severe cases that have caused symptoms for years.

Usually Results In A Permanent Fix

The most amazing thing about O3 Regenerative Therapy® is that the results usually represent a permanent improvement in your body's function.

Success Story