Experience The Difference!

Feel Heard - At your initial consultation you will meet with Dr. Barnett who will listen to your story. Specializing in chronic pain, and complex conditions, Dr. Barnett will take the time to understand what makes your case unique.
Feel Seen - An individualized treatment plan is at the heart of our amazing success stories. Dr. Barnett will craft a treatment plan that is tailored to your health needs, and his staff will work with you to make the plan work with your schedule.
Feel Cared For - From the soothing sounds, to the PICO filtered air, authentic Tibetan herbal foot soaks, infrared, negative ion generating BiomatsTM, and luxurious memory foam treatment beds, every aspect of Orlando Acupuncture has been meticulously designed to deliver an immersive healing experience.
Feel Confident - Dr. Barnett has been practicing acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine since 2000. He was trained and interned with 38th generation Chinese physicians and traveled the country to continue to teach, and learn in many of the top acupuncture clinics in the US.
See Results - When Dr. Barnett develops your treatment plan he will tell you what results to expect, and when with a specific prognosis, and treatment goals.

New Patient Offer

$45 Initial Consultation
Normally $150 – Save $105

Call us at 407-673-6700 or use the form above and our new patient coordinator will contact you as soon as possible.