Superhero stood over a city skyline

By Dr John Barnett

Digestive symptoms such as gas and bloating are such a common occurrence in modern American life that most people start to consider these symptoms as normal. Intestinal dysfunction can occur for a wide variety of reasons such as allergies, food sensitivities, fast food, or not taking the time to chew and digest our food properly. Over time these effects can compound and cause a wide variety of symptoms and unwanted health effects in the body. This is why I recommend our digestive superhero, Microgard, to so many of our patients. (No it does not come with a red cape)

Microgard is a comprehensive formula containing herbal extracts that have a range of benefits including: promoting digestion, dissolving phlegm and mucus, regulating fluid metabolism (weight loss), the breakdown of biofilms, and inhibiting adverse fungal growth.

Healthy digestive function is the foundation to whole body health. The gut microbiome is now understood root of the immune system. Tens of trillions of gut microbiota depend on a healthy environment to maintain their cooperative cohabitation with the human body. The herbs in Microgard are focused on supporting the landscape where these microorganisms live. Microgard can help to maintain healthy, balanced populations, allowing you to thrive from head to toe.

It is both the brilliant design of this formula as well as the superior quality of the ingredients that make Microgard so useful for a wide range of digestive complaints. Indigestion, gas, bloating, nausea, chest fullness, and dizziness with food or drink can be improved in minutes. It can be taken anytime we eat or drink things we shouldn’t to reduce gas, bloating, heaviness, fatigue, and brain fog that often follows sweet or rich food and drink. Microgard is a must for holiday meals and celebrations with alcohol. Taking Microgard before indulging can often prevent unwanted symptoms.

If we eat or drink something we shouldn’t, Microgard can be taken right away. If we have a history of poor dietary habits, Microgard can be taken regularly to reverse the damage to our gut lining and microbiome. Microorganisms line our entire GI tract and play an important role in our health. Even if we take probiotics, our gut walls and intestinal lining may not support healthy colonization of these beneficial bacteria.

Microgard is essential component of first aid travel kits. The myriad of changes that occur when we travel can easily shift our gut microbiome into distress. Microgard can minimize the effects of this stress, often reducing many common digestive upsets of life on the road.

Food allergies and food sensitivities are frequently due to erosion of the epithelial lining of the GI tract with loss of healthy gap junctions. This is the “leaky gut syndrome” those with gut problems quickly learn about when researching their condition. A specific herb in Microgard, Radix Pueraria, has been shown to help heal these gap junctions, contributing to the benefit of the formula as a whole.

Mood disorders like anxiety and depression can also benefit from Microgard. Gut bacteria produce significant amounts of neurotransmitters such as dopamine and serotonin. This is why once the gut dysfunction is corrected, the frequency of symptoms such as anxiety and depression are reduced. We may even notice a clarity and lightness to our thoughts and feelings where foggy brain and muddled thinking once predominated.

Certain types of chronic pain and chronic fatigue patterns are often improved by the actions of Microgard. These conditions can be associated with fluid retention, and inflammatory conditions that disrupt neural signaling in the body. These pains may be associated with autoimmune disorders. Examples of some of the pain syndromes that may improve with regular Microgard use diagnoses include fibromyalgia, some types of arthritis, and chronic fatigue.