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1.) Acupuncture treats more than just pain.

Most people know how well acupuncture treats pain. Clinical Research shows that acupuncture can also help a wide variety of other health concerns including anxiety, fertility, digestion, and allergies to name just a few. At Orlando Acupuncture we specialize in complex cases and chronic pain. Our patients often have a number of symptoms and conditions. Clinical experience as well and research both find significant benefits when using acupuncture and Chinese medicine in these cases.

2.) Eat a little something before your treatment.

An important thing to remember is that you should eat a little something within a few hours before treatment. It isn’t necessary to have a full meal, but at least a snack can help your body have enough energy to maximize the benefits of treatment. Receiving acupuncture on an empty stomach may lead to lightheadedness or a mild headache.

3.) Usually there is need to remove clothing for acupuncture treatment.

Acupuncture points are located in many areas of the body from the top of the head to your toes. The most commonly used acupuncture points are primarily located on the hands and feet. At Orlando Acupuncture the style of acupuncture we use involves points that are located from the knees down to your toes, and the elbows along the arms to your fingers. This allows patients to wear loose clothing that stays on during treatment.

4.) You may be asked to show your tongue or have your pulse taken.

Acupuncturists are interested in the health and functioning of your whole body. Different areas of the tongue and the radial pulse near the wrist will give a skilled practitioner valuable information about the how your body is functioning. By looking at the tongue, and feeling a patient’s pulse they can often determine the cause of your symptoms and develop a personalized treatment strategy just for you!

5.) Expect to relax.

Most acupuncture patients find acupuncture to be the most relaxing part of their day or week. It may take a few visits before you can relax fully, but 99% of patients find the treatments to be very relaxing, peaceful, and deeply restorative. For this reason it is not recommended to consume caffeine right before acupuncture.

6.) Acupuncture treatment can be painless, as the needles almost as thin as a human hair.

If the thought of needles turns you off, keep in mind that acupuncture needles are about the width of two to four strands of hair and are actually quite flexible. Because the needles are made of very thin and flexible surgical grade stainless steel means no pain. Patients are often surprised how little they feel both at insertion and after the needles are in place. Along with the often instant stress and pain relief, this is why it is not uncommon for patients to take a nap while on the table.

7.) Acupuncturist do not reuse needles

If you are getting treated in the United States, the needles your acupuncturist uses on you have never been used on other patients. This means there is virtually no chance of any type of contamination from acupuncture needles. Needles are shipped in sterilized packaging and are single use only.

8.) Acupuncturists use more than needles.

Though needles may be their main tool, most acupuncturists have learned a variety of other therapies falling under the label of “Chinese Medicine” such as acupressure (pressure instead of needles over acupuncture points), cupping (suction of the skin), Moxibustion (warming of the skin), Dry Needling, Chinese herbal therapy, and Gasotransmitter therapy (Qi Gong). Depending on the skill set of your acupuncturist, and your diagnosis, a variety of healing modalities may be part of your treatment plan.

9.) One treatment is often not enough to cure what ails you.

Every patient is unique, and how quickly you will respond to acupuncture will depend upon your specific health concerns. Some people see immediate improvement after just one treatment. Most cases will require a series of visits to make lasting changes and to see significant results. Two of the best metaphors for acupuncture are: physical therapy but for your nervous and hormonal systems, or like going to the gym. Most people feel noticeably different, either invigorated or sore after a single workout. We all know that to see real changes to your physique or stamina it takes regular trips to therapy or the gym over a period of weeks. Acupuncture research consistently show high rates of success with 1 – 3 courses of care, where 16-20 sessions is one “course”. Your acupuncturist should inform you of a treatment plan that includes a number of visits over a specific period of time with a defined expected result or prognosis.