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functional-medicine-orlandoYou may be familiar with functional medicine, or you may be curious as to what it is. Essentially, functional medicine is the integration of Western an Eastern medicine.  It uses Western medical testing data to guide a holistic treatment approach that treats the underlying cause of illness or disease in the body rather than focus on symptoms. At Orlando Acupuncture we cater to patients in Orlando and surrounding areas who are looking for an individualized and holistic or natural approach to wellness of the whole person – body, mind and spirit.

From women’s health issues and fertility to digestive health, pain relief, fibromyalgia, emotional health and more, a functional medicine approach is different from traditional Western medicine in a number of ways. We know the importance of having a thorough understanding of our patients’ lifestyles, environmental, and biochemical factors in order to provide effective treatment and determine the possible root cause of disease. Functional medicine is often used to supplement conventional medicine in order to reach the best health outcome for the patient.

Heart disease, mental illness, diabetes, autoimmune disorders; all of these conditions are on the rise today, which may be in part due to the fact that doctors today are focused more on acute care which means providing relief/treatment for an immediate health issue or symptom. This means that as a whole, modern medicine does not consider or treat underlying stressors or factors that contribute to long term health such as lifestyle choices, environmental factors, nutrition, physical activity and the unique genetic makeup of each person.

Functional medicine is:

  • Patient-centered care
  • A science-based, integrative approach to healthcare
  • Focused on integrating the best of both modern medicine with integrative or “alternative” medicine to achieve optimal health outcomes

From acupuncture and Chinese herbs to dietary and other therapies, we provide treatment that promotes overall health and well-being from within. We help our patients overcome chronic illness and health conditions that can dramatically impact their lives. We believe in the body’s amazing ability to heal itself so that patients not only have fewer symptoms, but overcome the condition(s) that caused them in the first place. Functional Medicine may improve your health naturally whether you have endometriosis or other issues that affect fertility, suffer from restless leg syndrome, headaches, respiratory issues, carpal tunnel syndrome, depression or other problems.

Instead of attacking symptoms, functional medicine supports the body’s own healing mechanisms in a way that is natural and works to prevent diseases or chronic conditions that are common in our society today such as hormone imbalances, digestive issues, allergies, neurological and metabolic problems and more. Essentially, we want to find out why a patient has a disease or condition in the first place and determine a path of natural treatment to restore function.

At Orlando Acupuncture we invite you to learn more about functional medicine and how it works to restore health, energy and vitality. Contact us now at 407-673-6700 or schedule a free consultation on our website.

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