Before & After Video Testimonial with Ms. Morris




I am just getting started on my healing journey so my testimonial is just based on the free consultation I had in October of 2015 and how that meeting alone improved my health. For the past five months my weight would not stabilize and I was getting dangerously thin. I had never had a problem with my weight before. Then all of a sudden I kept losing weight and my food would not properly digest. I had tried weight gainers, homemade smoothies, and lots of eating! Yet, nothing was working and I was feeling weak. At my free consultation I was told to go home and eat a steak (because I had been on a vegan diet for many years). More importantly, Dr. Barnett told me to go home and drink a homemade Bone Broth. Within two days of consuming the broth I gained two pounds and my weight has not decreased. I am now steadily gaining weight. I am so happy because as I am getting older and have having three children, my body has changed and I am grateful that something so simple saved me from further health issues and is putting meat back on my bones.

L. Thompson


I started my treatments shortly after The Orlando Health Fitness show in 2008. My main problems were TMJ, weight loss and stress. The TMJ has been a serious issue for me since a car accident I had in 1996. Weight loss and stress have been an issue since around 1994 when my dad passed away. I have seen TMJ specialists, chiropractors and anyone that would see me; always being told it’s not that serious and to eat soft foods. It touched everything in my body, headaches, neck pain, and shoulder and face pain. I had to change my diet and sleep with a night guard. Within 4 treatments I could tell a difference and now several months later my pain is between a 1-2 out of 10! It’s awesome and I can’t say enough. The treatments and herbs have made drastic changes in my life. I would recommend it to anyone!

– Melissa B.

I started acupuncture in June 2007 because of ongoing pressure and stress in my personal and professional life. My most disturbing symptoms were my lack of sleep and I had been on prescription drugs for depression and high cholesterol for 5-7 years. I only found minimal relief with medications and the costs continued to soar! Although physical activity has been beneficial I wanted a more comprehensive holistic approach. I believe that after 2 months of treatment I am more focused with an ability to be clearer about my goals. I am training myself to envision being on the acupuncture table (here I am at my most relaxed state) whenever my stress buttons rise!

I wish every person had access to this type of health participation. Mind, Body and Soul are linked and tended to with Chinese Medicine. Thank you so much!

– Rebecca W.


I’ve had Plantar Fasciitis and Sciatic Nerve Issues. I’ve dealt with the plantar fasciitis for over two years. In spite of traditional treatment with arthritis, cortisone shots, and physical therapy the problem remained chronic.

Now I’ve experienced almost 100% relief within seven months of beginning acupuncture treatments. The staff is very professional; they have helpful and friendly support personnel, and immaculate facilities.

– Sandra C.


I have chronic pancreatitis as a result of cystic fibrosis. I have been on pain management for 4 years. I have occasional flare-ups where I have pain for a week or two, but seldom is it any long than that. This summer, I had a 2 ½ month long exacerbation that left me virtually incapacitated. The medical community was extremely slow to increase my pain medication, thereby leaving me unable to make plans with people, and several occasions had to cancel appointments because of the pain. I had become very depressed and knew I could not go on living that way much longer. It was out of sheer desperation that I decided to give acupuncture a try. I was extremely skeptical, but I didn’t know what else to do.

I found Orlando Acupuncture on the internet and called for a consultation. I was seen the same day. I was quite surprised, as I know that often doctor’s appointments can take weeks to obtain. What I found there was amazing! The staff was awesome! They took a very thorough medial history, wanting to know as much as possible about my various conditions. I was quite impressed even before the first treatment began.

I was told not to expect too much with the first treatment, but that likely I would have some improvement. They weren’t kidding! I walked out of there feeling like a brand new person. I was still very skeptical, as I have a long history with traditional medicine, not all of it good.

I was scheduled to go on vacation at the end of August and was wondering if I would feel well enough to go. I had a couple of weeks of setbacks due to my medication but the treatments not only got me well enough to go; I felt good the entire time I was gone! And the doubts I had about acupuncture were gone along with my pain!

The staff at Orlando Acupuncture is phenomenal. Having seen a great number of physicians over my 47 years with cystic fibrosis, I consider myself somewhat of an expert on the quality of physicians and their staff. I have to rank Orlando Acupuncture among the best! I cannot imagine going anywhere else for my acupuncture treatments. Thank you Orlando Acupuncture!!

– Cathy P.


After 4 weeks of treatment the pain decreased from an 8-9 out of 10 to a 2 out of 10!

– R. B.


Just a note of appreciation to Belinda and the rest of your staff:

When I started with Belinda in June 2008, my hips and back were in bad shape. I was really considering getting a scooter to get around. My life had slowed so much because it was so painful to get around. Now In October, my hips and back have NO PAIN! She has helped me greatly with my sleep problems. I am enjoying life again and enjoy being active again. I always enjoyed my visits to the office and I have always left with a smile on my face. The rest of the staff is also a joy to be around. I have been and will continue to recommend your group to anyone who will listen!

Thanks so much for helping me!

Cheryl G.


I started with Orlando Acupuncture approximately three years ago and I can’t say enough about the improvements in my health and well-being. I suffered since childhood with severe depression, anxiety and mood-swings. I could no longer afford all of the medications I was on and needed an alternative, and found Orlando Acupuncture. I was spending over $600 a month on anti-depressants, mood-stabilizers, anti-anxiety meds, sleeping pills, and pills for narcolepsy. I no longer need any of those medications; and the speed at which I began to improve amazed me. In the course of my treatment for these issues, I learned that acupuncture could treat my other issues as well, which included: headaches, irritable bowel syndrome, fatigue, sciatica, endometriosis, ovarian cysts, uterine fibroids, dysmenorrheal, neck pain, back pain, flu’s and colds, insomnia, foot pain, muscle spasms and tension, respiratory infections, allergies, and sinusitis. When I started with Orlando Acupuncture I was scheduled for my third surgery to address my endometriosis and ovarian cysts, but due to the relief I received through Acupuncture I was able to cancel surgery; and I have never gone back to having the sort of abdominal pain I had prior to Acupuncture. John and his staff have been able to treat all of my issues, and with none of the side effects of traditional medicines and therapies. Not only have I found Acupuncture to be gentle and much easier on my mind and body than Western Medicine, but considerably more affordable. My experience has shown that Acupuncture successfully treats root causes, not just symptoms. I am most grateful that even when I was stubborn, slow to change, and ignored his sage advice…John was and is unfailingly patient, gentle and kind with me. He and his staff have taken the time to educate me on so many things, including nutrition. To top it all off, John patiently answered all of my questions and encouraged me as I went through massage school and continues to do so as I pursue even deeper levels of health and well-being. This practice has truly been a gift in my life, and I am eternally grateful.

In love and gratitude,

Malinda J.


Your treatments have been a real blessing. I am very grateful for having found you!



1.Please tell us what condition was bothering you when you began care.

High Blood Pressure

Over Weight

2. How often did this condition bother you?

On a daily basis – I was on medication

3. How long had you had this condition?

High blood pressure for about one year

4. What types of treatment had you tried prior to coming here?

Daily medication

5. How has treatment at Orlando Acupuncture helped your condition?

Immensely, I no longer require medication for the blood pressure – Also thanks to the ISAGENIX program I’ve lost 30lbs and have been able to keep it off for the last year.

6. Please share any additional comments.

I love acupuncture; it has helped me regain control of my health. I highly recommend acupuncture and the ISAGENIX program.

– Edna P.

*Disclaimer: Although we have over 14 years of helping patients find relief, the medical circumstances of each patient differ, and diagnosis and appropriate treatment are offered to patients only after an appropriate medical interview and the completion of appropriate diagnostic and clinical patient evaluation and testing. Treatment outcomes are never guaranteed. Individual results from therapy outcomes may vary from those referenced in the patient cases that are illustrated and discussed.