NutritionThe most common nutrition related issue that people ask about is Weight Loss. We have helped hundreds of people successfully loose weight. We have designed a cutting edge Weight Loss protocol that combines the latest nutritional suppliments with Traditional Chinese methods to give you maximum results. If you are interested in our weight loss program we have a separate page here with detailed information.

The number one nutrition advice that we give to patients is to Eat More Vegetables. The best is dark green leafy vegetables such as kale, green beans, and collard greens.

These are the best sources of highly bioavailable nutrients. We understand that some people do not like green vegetables, and most often this can be fixed by actually trying to eat them, especially organic vegetables which have more nutrition and better taste. If you still cannot or will not eat green vegetables, then you can get the next best thing. We offer several products that are essentialy Fruits and Vegetables in a pill!isa

Please contact us if you have additional nutritional questions or to schedule a consultation. Finally you should know that many diseases and symptoms can be treated with diet and nutritional changes alone, however it often takes considerably longer (3-6 months) and requires a more dedication on your part then if you also use AcupunctureHerbs, or other modalities to help the healing process.

Wanting to have more Energy is the third nutrition topic that people ask about frequently. There is no one answer to this one because for some people their energy is low because they are toxic and need cleansing. Others they have low thyroid or other Adrenal hormone levels. And some people are simply overworked and/ or undernourished.

A Consultation and evaluation at our office is the best way to determine exactly what YOU need do to have better energy, but in general a good multi-vitamin, a balanced diet, and regular exercise is a great start and might be exactly what you need.

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