teacher acupuncture apple

The many teachers that I have known have had a profound effect on my life. As a youth they have inspired and sparked a true excitement and enthusiasm for learning about a wide variety of topics. They also encouraged and demanded that I improve my organization, memorization, and handwriting skills.

As an acupuncturist I hear stories about the daily lives and routines of a wide variety of people and professions. But it always strikes me as odd how much of a burden is placed on the shoulders of teachers these days.  The physical, emotional, and time demands put on these professionals is incredible.  While the importance of their core mission, educating, and to a degree caring for, our children is a major responsibility.

While some students come to class well nourished and exited to learn others do not.  It must be incredibly difficult to keep this wide variety of needs met. The inability of many teachers to take breaks during their workday sounds almost impossible, yet they rarely complain about it. They are also usually asked to stay after school to do many tasks such as grading and lesson planning.

In general, I don’t think that teachers get the recognition or credit that they deserve.

This is why we LOVE to treat teachers. To give them some peace, a break.  Relief from aches and pains after from caring for our kids all year.  The summer is here, school is out, and I encourage all teachers to do something special to care for themselves this summer. Get a massage, get some acupuncture, go to the beach. Take the time to enjoy and make the most of your summer.

Did you know that we accept insurance from most teachers in our area? This includes Seminole County Schools, Orange County Schools, and UCF. If you are a Central Florida teacher give us a call and schedule a Free Consultation today.  See if Acupuncture can help you to, ” Feel Better, today!”