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Acupuncture is the safest, fastest, and most effective way to address chronic pain. Our team of caring doctors, nurses, and staff has been helping people in Orlando reduce and eliminate pain for over 20 years. Many patients find that their pain begins to improve as quickly as during their very first treatment. The effects of acupuncture to balance the nervous system begin within milliseconds of treatment which is why the effects are felt so fast. Pain-relieving endorphins released by the body during acupuncture rival the strongest prescription analgesic drugs, but without the side effects, and act as a second layer of relief.Sciatica


The doctors at Orlando Acupuncture would be happy to help you with your unique pain complaints. During your initial consultation and evaluation we consider previous diagnoses given by other healthcare professionals. Our licensed practitioners study the history of your pain condition and any relieving or aggravating factors. We also review diagnostic imaging reports (X-Ray, MRI, CT, etc.) or reports of previous physical examinations. We talk to you, observe your body, palpate the painful areas. Most importantly we try to determine the root cause of your pain. This allows us to design an individualized treatment protocol that reduces pain symptoms while addressing any underlying causes. Pain is one of the primary reasons people seek out medical help. Acupuncture has proven to be effective for thousands of our patients through the years.



Pain is our body’s way of telling us that something is not working correctly. Pain can be acute or chronic and vary from mild or dull pain or be sharp and intense or debilitating. Some pain is there all of the time, and other pains come and go. The causes of pain vary, but sitting too much, poor posture, sports injuries, and repetitive movements are some of the most common. Emotional pain and physical pain can aggravate one another, so one’s stress level must also be considered when addressing pain.


How We Successfully Treat Pain

The physiology of how pain works is that you have sensory nerves which are firing and giving the brain pain signals. There might or might not have a structural problem causing these signals. Pain can be caused by a sensory dysfunction or a “misfire” of pain signals. Studies show that in most cases of chronic pain there is no structural cause. Unfortunately most treatment options such as medications and surgery do not address this type of pain very well. There are also times that a doctor or other clinician may assume that if you have pain, there must be a structural reason. In other words, there must be some form of structure, bone, soft tissue, disc or some object actually pushing on the sensory nerve, causing it to continuously fire. This assumption can lead to unnecessary surgeries or other interventions.

In order for the brain to register pain, there has to be two types of neural signals hitting the brain at about the same time. The first signal is from the sensory nerve or nerves themselves. The second is from the proprioceptive, or “location” nerves which are also firing right next to the sensory nerves. The proprioceptive nerves tell the brain where your pain is coming from. If everything is working properly, the brain will release chemicals called enkephalins, the body’s natural pain killers. These chemicals block the pain receptor sites in the brain, all along the spine, and the blood vessels where you feel the pain. They stop the chronic pain and allow the body to return to normal function.

In patients who suffer from chronic pain, this mechanism is no longer working. There are many reasons the body’s natural pain-relieving mechanism could have malfunctioned. However, the number one cause appears to be a problem in the proprioceptive nerves. If the signal strength of these nerves is too low, the brain will not release the enkephalins and thus the pain continues. Acupuncture will raise the signal strength of the proprioceptive nerves and the result is a sudden and dramatic relief from pain. This is why Acupuncture can treat an incredibly wide variety of pain problems.

If there is a structural cause of the pain, physical tissue pushing directly on a sensory nerve, increasing the signal strength of the proprioceptive nerves alone might not solve this type of problem. These patients may need other types of therapy. We offer Chinese Herbal therapy for many common structural problems. We sometimes recommend specific, therapeutic exercises. We also assist our patients in a referral to the proper Western medicine specialist when other therapies such as myofascial release, physical therapy, or surgery are needed.

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