9 Things You Should Know Before Your First Acupuncture Treatment

1.) Acupuncture treats more than just pain. Most people know how well acupuncture treats pain. Clinical Research shows that acupuncture can also help a wide variety of other health concerns including anxiety, fertility, digestion, and allergies to name just a few. At Orlando Acupuncture we specialize in complex cases and chronic pain. Our patients often have a number of symptoms and conditions. Clinical experience as […]

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Acupuncture for Cancer in Orlando, FL

As a cancer survivor, Dr. Barnett has a personal understanding of what this process feels like as a patient. He is excited to share the benefits of advanced Chinese Medical cancer support methods with his patients. Acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine have been practiced for over 3000 years. In many cancer centers, it is now being used to support other cancer therapies such as chemotherapy […]

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