Love Life Needing a Boost? – New Power Lift Tincture for Increased Libido!

Missing those intimate moments? Check out our incredible new libido boosting tincture – Power Lift! Power Lift is a delicious blend of aphrodisiac herbs that raises libido and creates an intense sexual experience. NON GMO! Gluten Free! All Natural Ingredients! Power Lift is the highest strength, super concentrated liquid extract! This tincture contains ONLY natural ingredients! How it’s made: We use a cold maceration extraction in combination with ultrasonic extraction, […]

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Microgard+ Herbal Dietary Supplement

What Does Microgard+ Do? Many digestive issues can be resolved and reduced with the aid of Microgard+. Microgard+ works to provide relief to the body by reducing inflammation and repairing the GI tract, while protecting gastric mucosa to establish a balanced gut microbiome. The herbs in Microgard+ have been shown to stimulate the production of digestive enzymes which helps the break down of proteins, fats […]

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New Enerva Tea for Stress Relief & Many Common Health Issues

  Enerva Tea is now available at Orlando Acupuncture! This tea is wonderful for 4 big buckets of common health issues: [    Emotional Related Issues: stress, insomnia, anxiety, depression, addiction, trauma, deep emotional issues, psycho-somatic experiences, not being able to stay asleep etc. [    Women’s Issues: irregular periods, PMS, heavy cramping, low flow volume [    Digestive Issues: wide range of digestive issues, weight loss [  […]

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