Don’t Let Anxiety and Depression Dictate. Take Charge with Acupuncture.

How Can Acupuncture Address Issues with Anxiety and Depression? TCM practitioners believe that physical health issues are connected to a person’s emotional state (and vice versa). Practitioners of TCM view emotions as an integrated aspect of organ functions, and sometimes the root cause of disease. TCM classifies emotions into seven categories, with each emotion corresponding to a particular organ. For example, the lungs are commonly […]

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New Enerva Tea for Stress Relief & Many Common Health Issues

  Enerva Tea is now available at Orlando Acupuncture! This tea is wonderful for 4 big buckets of common health issues: [    Emotional Related Issues: stress, insomnia, anxiety, depression, addiction, trauma, deep emotional issues, psycho-somatic experiences, not being able to stay asleep etc. [    Women’s Issues: irregular periods, PMS, heavy cramping, low flow volume [    Digestive Issues: wide range of digestive issues, weight loss [  […]

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How Acupuncture Erases Stress

Most of us know that stress is not healthy. What you might not know is that stress accounts for 60 – 90 % of all illnesses and physician visits.1 Chronic stress can cause things like anxiety, high blood pressure, poor sleep, and headaches. Surprisingly, stress also reduces our health at a deeper level by weakening our immune system. This can make us more likely to […]

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