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1.) Drink warm lemon water in the mornings

Warm lemon water has many benefits. Not only does it continue to detox the body, it also aids in digestion, boosts the immune system and rejuvenates skin!

2.) Eat easy to digest foods

Raw food is hard to digest. For this reason, try to eat steamed or puréed vegetables for  the first and second day post-cleanse. Also, once you finish your detox or cleanse, it’s great to keep juicing. Since fresh juice is easier to digest than whole foods, it allows your body to absorb more nutrients.

3.) If you plan to reintroduce meat, do it slowly

When detoxing or cleansing, one thing people do is cut out meat. Since meat can be hard to digest, make sure to reintroduce it into your diet slowly. Start by reintroducing steamed fish, chicken and eggs.  Wait five or six days post-cleanse to reintroduce red meat.

4.) Eat smaller portions

Don’t put too much stress on your digestive track and stomach by eating large portions. Your stomach has also most likely shrunk during your cleanse so start small. You can always go back for more 20 minutes later if you are still hungry.

5.) Avoid sugar as long as possible

A diet high in sugar will completely reverse the benefits of your cleanse. Did you know sugar is linked to poor gut health, inflammation, heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and tooth decay?  It is also a leading cause of hair loss. Do yourself a favor and avoid it all together.

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