Chinese Herbs

Chinese Herbal Medicine is a very well-developed science, and a specialty of ours at Orlando Acupuncture. Most Americans use Chinese herbs every day without realizing it. Ginger, garlic, cinnamon, mint, and green tea are examples of Chinese herbs that are commonly found in everyday foods and recipes.

The practice of Chinese herbal therapy probably pre-dates the practice of acupuncture, but being that they both go back further than recorded history it is hard to know for sure. Chinese herbs, or Medicinals as they are called by professionals, have been used to treat just about any disease or health problem that you can think of. But they are not just good for treating disease. They are also excellent at improving heath, vitality, and longevity.

One of the key features of Chinese Medicine is the understanding that the body goes through phases of growth and development. These phases can be expressed as the 4 seasons. Springtime is youth, just like young saplings developing in the garden. Summertime is the time of a young adult, at the peak of physical vitality. Fall is the time to enjoy the bounty of one’s harvest. Winter is the last phase of life where we retreat back to a quieter, more peaceful state. At each of these phases of life different support or nourishment is needed. Chinese Herbs are a wonderful, natural supplement to support and improve one’s physical health. They are prescribed on an individual basis, not only to get rid of disease, but to strengthen the body and improve its function.

At Orlando Acupuncture, we prescribe professional Chinese herbal medicine. What makes our herbs different? The products that we use are double laboratory tested for safety and potency. And they all have ingredients listed clearly on the bottles. Chinese herbs are most commonly items like roots, bark, twigs, flowers, and berries. Traditionally they would be given to the patients to take home and cook into a tea. However, to save our patients time, modern herb companies cook the tea for us, and then dehydrate the tea into a powder. This powder is then put into capsules, making the herb easy to prescribe and consume.

Herbs are an important part of Chinese Medicine and acupuncture. We recommend herbs to most of our patients because they significantly increase the overall effectiveness of the treatments. Chinese herbs can alleviate a wide variety of symptoms when used with acupuncture or by themselves. This is why we use herbs exclusively for some patients, especially children. Herbal treatments are a very cost effective treatment option for most people, especially those who want to avoid or get off of prescription medication.

This is both good and bad. The good part is that prescription medications can treat some diseases faster and more effectively than traditional herbal methods. The negative of this is that these synthetic medications are so focused and powerful that the side effects are sometimes worse than the benefits. Because of these side effects, 106,000 deaths annually are attributed to prescription medications. This makes properly prescribed prescription medication the #4 killer in the U.S

What makes Chinese herbology unique is that we use combinations of 6-12 herbs together as a formula. Chinese herbal formulas have synergistic combinations of active ingredients to produce a powerful treatment effect, while other herbs in the formula balance the treatment effects so that there are little to no side effects. A good herbal formula will treat several symptoms at once because it is for each unique person and their specific condition.

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